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At GoodBed, our mission is to help consumers find the right mattress for them — by guiding them through the purchase process and ultimately connecting them with high-quality products and stores, both in their area and online.

For consumers, buying a new mattress has long been a difficult and confusing process. Making the right choice starts with having comprehensive information about available choices, both online and in their local area. On top of this foundation, GoodBed provides matching technology that is based on a depth of expertise about how to choose the right mattress, and is informed by massive amounts of feedback from real mattress owners. To make sure consumers have the best purchase experience possible, GoodBed also chooses trusted retail partners based on their pricing, store policies, and consumer feedback, and arranges special discounts for GoodBed users. Today, has become the world’s largest and most trusted marketplace for mattresses.

GoodBed, previously known as Best Bed Guide, was started in 2007.